Pre-Marriage Coaching

Think of this as a “handbook” or “how to” manual for marriage!

We have designed a six hour course for your success. This can be divided into one, two or three hour sessions and completed over the course of two weeks to three months.  We teach our Pre-Marriage Coaching class in our office via phone, Skype or VSee

Marriage is an institution created by God for your benefit and enjoyment and to bring glory to him. It a great honor for couples to follow the Lord’s plan designed for us with our lifelong mate. It is also our responsibility to walk in obedience to Him and be good stewards in our actions.

Would you begin a dangerous journey where you only have a 50% chance of survival? Even if you decided to do so, it would be wise to take someone along, a guide perhaps, who has taken the journey before and survived.

Marriage is such a journey. It is dangerous and exciting, it is the journey of a lifetime… in fact; it takes a lifetime to get it right! Current statistics show that more than 50% of marriages fail. It would be wise for you to seek assistance from someone who has made it farther down the path and survived, a guide as it were. Marriage is hard work, but a marriage built on the solid foundation of God’s Word will endure.

Uniquely suited as marriage coaches Gary and Cathy love to assist couples prepare for their future together. As Pastor, an Executive Chef, and Conference Center Director, the O’Neal’s have catered, coordinated, hosted, coached and performed weddings for more than thirty years.

Over the years Gary and Cathy have developed a six-hour program that is designed to prepare you for a lifetime adventure that you will share together. In addition, there will be helpful tips and insight to planning your wedding day. Many couples have scheduled appointments beyond the initial six-session program as life progresses.

Let Gary and Cathy “guide” you as you set out to navigate this wonderful and exciting journey!

Our process:

Understanding the person God created you to be.
We begin with an Individual temperament assessment which will assist you in laying the foundation for greater communication and understanding of each other’s need to contribute to the relationship.

Marriage Expectations.
What did we come into the marriage expecting? A marriage like your mom and dad had? Like your first marriage?

Differing Needs:
Men and women were created differently, on purpose!  Discovering these differences is both challenging and fun. Understanding how your mate thinks and acts is key to success.

We will look deep into Gods word and enjoy the Biblical Portrait of Marriage. Finding God’s design for our roles in marriage. The husband as the leader and the wife as the suitable helper and how do we do this?

Communication, Communication, Communication. By the way, did we say communication?
Learning how to listen, speak and resolve conflict will help guard your marriage from disappointment and discouragement.

Other topics include:

  • Extended Family Relationships and Dynamics
  • Sexual Integrity/Intimacy Issues
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Blended Families - Parenting, custody plans, step parent issues.
  • Other issues that may be unique to you
  • Q&A

Our Fee Schedule

Our six hour Pre-Marriage Coaching Course can be made into six 1 hour meetings. Three 2 hour meetings or two 3 hour meetings.  $495.00

This can be paid up front or per session. We have found that many parents and grandparents like to gift the Pre Marriage Coaching course to the children!


We sincerely hope that we can be of service to you in your time of need.

We will guide you through this process.


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We can meet by phone, Skype or VSee.