Marriage Coaching

What is Marriage Coaching

You may be a seasoned veteran of marriage, however, as the circumstances of your life change you may need someone to assist you in seeing obstacles that stand in your way as you live a productive, fulfilling life together. Let Gary and Cathy assist you, as you look forward to the next phase of your relationship together.

Allow us to help you create a vision for your marriage or relationship. We will create a plan and set reasonable reachable goals.

We teach our clients communication skills and work to create an action plan to ensure your relationship lasts a lifetime.

We don’t want your marriage to just survive, God wants it to thrive. We don’t want to restore your marriage, God wants to transform it!

We will give you encouragement and guidance on how to create a Christ honoring marriage

Coaching Topics:

Understanding the person God created you to be:
We begin with an Individual temperament assessment which will assist you in laying the foundation for greater communication and understanding of each other’s need to contribute to the relationship.

Marriage Expectations:
What did we come into the marriage expecting? A marriage like your mom and dad had? Like your first marriage?

Differing Needs:
Men and women were created differently, on purpose!  Discovering these differences is both challenging and fun. Understanding how your mate thinks and acts is key to success.

We will look deep into Gods word and enjoy the Biblical Portrait of Marriage. Finding God’s design for our roles in marriage. The husband as the leader and the wife as the suitable helper and how do we do this?

Communication Communication Communication. By the way, did we say communication?
Learning how to listen, speak and resolve conflict will help guard your marriage from disappointment and discouragement.

Other topics include:
Extended Family Relationships and Dynamics
Conflict Resolution
Sexual Integrity/Intimacy Issues
Financial Responsibility
Blended Families - Parenting, custody plans, step parent issues.
Other issues that may be unique to you

Gary and Cathy have been married more than 41 years. Being parents, taking care of aging parents, being business owners, co-workers and through years of ministry service they understand the stresses on families and couples. Gary worked for nearly eight years as a pastor/counselor to families and couples conducting weddings, baptisms, and funerals and just sharing in their lives. Gary and Cathy have lost family and friends and understand the confusion and struggles associated with terminal illnesses, children moving away, and changing careers. They love people and desire to assist couples, as they look forward to the next stage of their lives together.

We have worked for more than fifteen years as a couple helping hundreds of couples come to a better place in life and enjoy a renewed look at marriage. Their marriage! Something each couple can be proud of!

Our Fee Schedule

Single 1-Hour $95.00

Since most problems more than likely did not happen in overnight, but over a period of time, it is likely that it may take more than a single session. However we are always open to what your needs are. Maybe it’s just an “I need some advice” conversation for individuals who don’t feel that they need extended sessions, but just a push to get them back on track.

1 Month Package - $350.00

This package includes:

  • (4) 50 – minute sessions
  • Weekly coaching summary after each session of what was discussed along with any assignments
  • Weekly email correspondence always welcome.
  • Plan of Action
  • Homework


We sincerely hope that we can be of service to you in your time of need.
We will guide you through this process.

For your free 30 minute call

We can meet by phone, Skype or VSee