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Order and Organization
Check out this small rope. What can it do? A Jump Rope maybe. A headband? (Only if you are a hippie like me:) A belt? How about keeping thousands of people organized in a very small space. We recently had a trip to Disneyland. As I was in line for so many awesome rides, I was observing how organized and orderly hundreds, no, thousands of people were as we followed the ropes as we headed to our greatly anticipated 2 minute ride! We waited patiently for anywhere from ten to forty five minutes for that thrill that can only come from such a magical place! Our roped off column was maybe two feet wide. We snaked around the lines that could be how long??? I do know that at the end of the day our walking calculators on our wrist indicated that we had walked over seven miles! Disneyland typically has 44,000 guests per day. Add 10,000 staff and there you have it! Wow! To see that many people organized in such a manner that you get where you want and when you want is no small feat for sure! And one small rope holds all those people. Wow. Do you have order an organization in your life? In your marriage? In your relationships? I would challenge you to check out just one area at a time. Just one. Make changes. Small changes. And see how one tiny rope, one small change can make a difference.
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