“I recommend O’Neal Mediation and Coaching Services due to personally knowing Gary and Cathy O’Neal and witnessing positive results of couples that I have recommended to them. They are committed to Bible-based principles and uniquely deal with people by coaching as a couple. I find this of great value in that either sex can feel free to share what they are thinking and feeling and know that someone understands them.  The O’Neal’s are competent and compassionate in their coaching.

When I think that a couple has issues that are deeper than I am able to handle or  that it will take more time than I am able to give, I refer them to the O’Neal’s.  I know that they will consistently point each couple back to Jesus and the Scriptures.”
Pastor Dick Hege – Coeur d’Alene Bible Church, ID

“Gary’s casual counseling style, his sincerity and depth of character have always impressed me over our 10 years of friendship.  His integrity and mediation skills bring to the surface those issues that need to be encountered and resolved.  He does not cover over problems with generic “pat answer” counseling rhetoric.  He listens, and responds with care and attention to the person and situation.   If you have a simple or complex mediation situation, I would whole-heartedly recommend him. ”
Phil Thompson – Pastor Sunridge Community Church Post Falls, ID

Conference Guests:

“Our names are Henry and Becky Hernandez, married for 5 years.  Our experience at the marriage retreat with Gary and Cathy was a true blessing. Gary quoted beautiful scripture from the bible that touched our hearts.  Both were very warm and friendly.”
Couples Conference, Murrieta Hot Springs 2011

“We found Gary and Cathy very approachable and caring about us individually as a couple. We were inspired by their use of true life stories from family events to demonstrate how God wants us to relate toward each other. That weekend made me want to hold my wife closer and feel secure in her arms at the same time. This marriage retreat confirmed that no matter how long one is married, we can always work on making it better.”
Ray and Sara Gamez – Couples Conference, Murrieta Hot Springs 2011

Workshops / Seminars

“Many thanks to Gary and Cathy for sharing with members of our Prayer Community how to minister to those who are experiencing grief and/or end of life issues. Gary and Cathy’s great respect for one another spills over to the attendees, making all feel comfortable and accepted. In times of grief one may question God and doubt His goodness, however Gary and Cathy do not judge or question one’s faith when working with hurting people. They provide a constant atmosphere of respect, nurturing, accountability and grace – treating all in a manner commensurate with the heritage we have as children of the King.”
Barbara Olson, Moderator, Prayer Community, LaunchPad Inland Northwest