About Us

O’Neal Mediation and Coaching Services is a company with a unique blend of talents. With a common denominator of conflict resolution, our goal is to bring parties to a place of commonality, trust, agreement, reconciliation and just a plain ole’ good place in life.

Our training and experience ring true of the saying that wisdom is the product of knowledge and experience. Our mediators have an impartiality built into the objective of coming to a place of agreement. The life coach in us allows for helping folks to see where they are and have been and coming along side of them to walk the path together to help get to where they want to be (and often helping them figure out where that place is). The marriage coach team (we work together as a couple with 38 years of marriage under our belt) unites couples who are struggling with any issue that life has given them. Our pre-marriage coaching course offers a set of 9 topics that can we like to refer to as a “how to be married” guide.

Gary and Cathy have been married since 1978  and have been in ministry for a great part of that time. They have two adult daughters and love traveling an average 6,000 miles per year on their motorcycles. Both love gardening, kayaks, snow skiing and bicycling. They enjoy spending time together and with their children, extended family, and friends. Having worked together in a variety of capacities, they have pretty much gotten this ‘getting along’ thing down. People often say to us “you have a good marriage so you don’t’ need to work on it” and to this we are quick to say “we have a good marriage because we constantly work on it!” Always learning and being open to new ideas and challenges keep them on their toes as they work with couples, individuals and groups. They are quick to say that they haven’t arrived, but are in a constant state of ‘arriving’.

Gary and Cathy are:

  • Personable-we can relate to most anyone
  • Easy to talk to-we like people
  • Non-judgmental - never better than others
  • Neutral-always -  seeing both sides and perspectives
  • Fair-finding ways to be equal on both sides
  • They speak the truth in love-better than being two faced right?
  • Knowledgeable-having a variety of training and experience
  • Attentive-we listen and hear what people are trying to say
  • Professional-we work with every level of business and hold confidentiality
  • Real People- we have fun, yet we make mistakes too!
"We love meeting and spending time with people and desire to make a positive difference in the lives of people we come in contact with."

We serve clients in North Idaho, including Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, & Hayden, as well as the Inland Northwest and Spokane